This premium bubble kit has everything you need to be a bubble master!  This assortment of deluxe and high-quality bubble toys can be used to put on an entire bubble show!  With our specialty bubble solution and a little bit of practice, you’ll be a wizard with bubbles in no time! 


This kit includes:


◎ Spheres Bubble Solution 32oz (Ready To Use)


This is the same high-quality bubble solution that bubble artist Blaise Ryndes uses in his “Spheres Bubble Show” performances, as well as on season 13 of America’s Got Talent!  This specialized formula is called “Uncle Bubble”, and makes wonderfully colorful, enormous, strong, and the most perfect bubbles ever!  Whether it’s for just being able to make some great bubbles at home with the kids, or putting on a full bubble show, this bubble soap is the best on the market!


◎ Kid In A Bubble/Giant Bubble Wand


This wand is so enormous that it can be used to put kids inside of giant bubbles!  Fill the inflatable moat with our specialized bubble solution for the best gigantic bubble results! Use this wand to create larger than life bubble tubes that are big enough to put children inside of!  This bubble equipment can also be used to make huge bubbles, bouncing bubbles, make bubbles inside of bubbles, and so much more!  You can even put your pets inside of a bubble!  This fun toy is a family favorite, it can even be used for parties and celebrations to put guests in bubbles.  This high-quality bubble product is great for everything from creating big bubbles at home, to serving as a reliable prop in a professional bubble show!



◎ Bubble Tricks Kit


Be a bubble master with this incredible bubble kit, you will be able to do some of the amazing tricks that bubble artist Blaise Ryndes performs regularly in his Spheres Bubble Show!  With a little bit of practice and our high-quality bubble solution, you will be able to make fantastic sculptures out of bubbles!  The tools in this set will allow you to make bubble cubes, caterpillar bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles, spinning merry-go-round bubbles, and more!  There are an unlimited amount of bubble tricks you can do with this kit, and you can even create your own unique bubbles yourself!  Build your own routines and put on bubble performances that will blow your friends and family away!



◎ Bouncing Bubble Kit


Bounce bubbles from your hands with this amazing kit!  By wearing the special glove and blowing bubbles with our incredible bubble solution, you can balance bubbles on your fingertips and bounce them off your hands like a ball!  Make multiple bubbles and juggle them in the air!  The magic of the glove and solution will allow you to actually hold a bubble in your hand and play with it without the bubble popping!



◎ Tri-String/Garland Wand


This amazing bubble toy actually contains two wands in one!  This adjustable bubble wand can be easily switched back and forth between a giant bubble making tri-string and a garland wand that can have up to four loops generating lots of beautiful bubbles!  Pour our high-quality bubble solution into any kind of container, and dip your string wand to saturate it with soap.  This simple to use design is a favorite among kids, and is especially popular outdoors.  The possibilities are endless with this fun and versatile product!



◎ Touchable Bubbles 


Magic bubbles you can actually touch!  Blow these special bubbles into the air, and let them float for 10 seconds. They will magically solidify and you can actually reach out and grab them!  Catch them on your fingers and stack them as high as you can!  Challenge your friends to see who can catch and stack the most bubbles!  You’ll be amazed and have tons of fun with a test tube of our mystifying touchable bubbles!  


Ultimate Bubble Master Kit


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