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Simply mix the 12.8 ounce container of concentrate with 9 parts (115.2 oz) of regular tap water to make 1 gallon of bubble solution!  After emptying the entire bottle of concentrate into a bowl or bucket, refill the concentrate bottle nine times with warm tap water and pour it into your mixture.  The concentrate bottle itself is specifically designed to act as the measuring cup for your water, with the precise recipe being a 9 to 1 ratio of water to concentrate.  Distilled water also works well as the lack of minerals makes it incredibly pure.  Mix thoroughly for at least two minutes or use an electric mixer with adult supervision for at least one minute.  For the best bubble results, leave your bubble soap without covering for at least 24 hours.  Much like a fine wine, leaving a fresh batch to breathe overnight makes for the best bubbles.  This is the same high quality bubble solution that bubble artist Blaise Ryndes uses in his “Spheres Bubble Show” performances, as well as on season 13 of America’s Got Talent!  This specialized formula is called “Uncle Bubble”, and makes wonderfully colorful, enormous, strong and the most perfect bubbles ever!  Whether it’s for just being able to make some great bubbles at home with the kids, or putting on a full bubble show, this bubble soap is the best on the market!

Spheres Bubble Concentrate (Makes 1 gallon of solution)


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